The Greening of HTF

The American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA) has taken a number of steps to make the 2010 Hardlines Technology Forum as friendly to the environment as possible.  We have taken specific actions to address sustainability by following the “best green meeting practices” of the Green Meeting Industry Council.  Some examples of the green initiatives taken include:


  • We encourage you to use the recycle bins placed throughout the hotel
  • We ask that you recycle your lanyards
  • We ask that you recycle your conference bags
  • We ask that you recycle your name badges and holders


  • We have provided you with a reusable water bottle for use during and after the meeting
  • We have provided conference bags made from recycled materials
  • We are using conference pens made from recycled materials
  • We are using conference notepads made from recycled materials


  • We are reducing fuel consumption by using locally produced food items
  • We are using electronic signage instead of plastic/cardboard
  • We are cooperating with the hotel to accomplish 70% reduced linen use
  • We have printed the conference workbook using a minimum of pages with no plastic binder and no plastic coating
  • We have reduced the use of plastic by using reusable china, glassware and utensils
  • We are offsetting the overall meeting carbon footprint as Marriott will be donating 5% of the total cost of guest rooms to the Juma Preserve

In addition to all of the above, the Renaissance Schaumburg is a Green Hotel and meets the highest standards of the industry, which you can learn about by visiting

Timothy S. Farrell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Hardware Manufacturers Association (AHMA), said:  “We know attendees are concerned about their carbon footprint and the effect on the environment caused by their travel to and attendance at meetings and conferences. We have taken these steps because we feel it is our responsibility to protect the environment as much as possible while we conduct our meeting.”


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