The HTF Value Proposition

There is always someone saying "the sky is falling". Yes these are tough times, but there are those who see opportunity in a crisis and make the most of it. During these tough economic times, the smartest companies are choosing to make the most of the IT talent they already have in place. They are doing so by re-tooling, investigating new technologies, and tweaking their supply chains to achieve more with less.

Come listen to the experts from the Hardlines Industry. AHMA's Hardlines Technology Forum offers opportunities to do all of this and more. In just three days you'll find numerous opportunities to:

  • get "face time" with your trading partners to learn how to plug the holes that are hemorrhaging money out of your supply chain;
  • learn about new techniques or technologies, or learn new things about existing technologies and techniques;
  • learn about how to get the most out of the systems and tools that you currently have in place;
  • network with industry peers who can help you understand best practices or better ways of doing more with less and
  • improve your performance and the performance of your company.

Only at HTF will you be part of a unique experience that is dedicated to involving the entire industry in deciphering and disseminating business initiatives and the use of technology to accelerate business success. Who better to discuss these initiatives and learn from than your trading partners and industry peers? Regardless of the size of your business, HTF provides the much needed outlet for you and your company to stay informed and enhance your competitive advantage.

Make education and networking the highest priority so that when the economy improves you are positioned at the front of the pack instead of playing catch up. Focus your attention on training and education now, because if you don't start until the economy recovers, you're too late.

Check out the Justification Toolkit and use the tools and techniques provided to help prove the ROI and value to your superior(s). Take a few moments to review our program, then take the first step and register to attend this important event.

Don't outspend your competitors, outsmart them!

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