101 Webcast Series

HTF made a major improvement in our format for 2010. In an effort to bring even more quality educational sessions to you during the conference, and allow you to make optimum use of your time, we'll be presenting all the basic level sessions (a.k.a. 101's) as webcasts. All the webcasts are free.

  • Bar Code 101.5 (The Basics and Beyond)

    Presented By: Bonney Shuman, CEO, Stratix Corporation
    See the Recorded Webcast Here

    This webinar intends to build on the "basics" of bar coding by quickly reviewing the item and carton level standards for the hardlines industry and how these standards can be used throughout the supply chain. In addition, the importance of bar code compliance will be reviewed with tips for excellent quality control being emphasized.

  • EDI e-Commerce Basics

    Presented By: Ryan Watson, EDI Analyst, H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company
    See the Recorded Webcast Here

    Just getting into e-commerce? EDI? Head spinning with a bunch of buzzwords and acronyms? If you answered yes to any of these, then this session is for you. How else to start but with the basics, then work up from there. You'll learn how to read the EDI language, what the standards are (and why retailers have their own interpretations), and making the electronic relationship (ePartnership) between trading partners successful. You'll also gain insight into new implementation opportunities using EDI within the retail industry. Led by one of the industry's experts, this will help you put it all together to save your organization time and money.

  • Data Sync Basics

    Presented By: Melanie Ligons, Senior Global Product Manager, GXS
    See the Recorded Webcast Here

    Data synchronization ensures the accurate, secure flow of data between you and your trading partners-regardless of what systems and standards everyone else is using. Learn about the impact of data synchronization on the supply chain. From benefits and goals to how to prepare your data for a successful data synchronization initiative, this introductory session is a must for companies in the midst of planning a data synchronization initiative.

  • Putting the Green Supply Chain in Context

    Presented By: Bryan Larkin, Chief Supply Chain Strategist, Digital Management Inc.
                           Steve Keifer, Vice President of Industry and Product Marketing, GXS

    See the Recorded Webcast Here

    This webinar will provide an introduction to supply chain sustainability. We'll look at concepts in sustainability and we'll discuss the strategic role sustainability plays in the overall business. When finished, you'll understand why it is getting attention from C-Level executives, not just supply chain staff and sustainability czars. Go back to work knowing why it is important to you and your company to learn more about sustainability and ways you can get that knowledge.

  • SharePoint Basics

    Steve Pietrek, Cardinal Solutions Group
    See the Recorded Webcast Here

    SharePoint makes it simple for several people to work on the same documents in the creation and management of team documents by providing a library-like system and electronically checking the documents in and out for editing. Form templates can be tailored to address the needs and requirements of specific business processes. This session will provide a starting point for looking to build deeper SharePoint knowledge.

  • Standards Basics

    Scott Brown, Director, Global Standards, GS1 US
    See the Recorded Webcast Here

    The Global Standards Management Process, or GSMP, is the pre-eminent world-wide collaborative forum where GS1 standards are built and maintained. Since it was created in 2002, the GSMP has been the engine that powers the entire GS1 system of standards. The GSMP brings together users from all industries-and from everywhere in the world-to identify needs for standards, gather business requirements, document best practices, obtain consensus on solutions and then develop and implement the resulting supply chain standards. Come learn about GSMP activities that could impact your organization and learn how to become involved.


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